Safer Spaces

Liverpool Anarchist Book Fair Safer Spaces Policy

Liverpool Anarchist Book Fair aims to be a welcoming, inclusive and safe

Abusive, violent, threatening or harassing behaviour will not be
tolerated, and anyone acting in these ways will be asked to stop and if
necessary will be asked to leave.

Oppressive language, literature or attitudes that insult, express prejudices or
reinforce preconceptions about a group of people that are marginalised,
disadvantaged or oppressed by mainstream society are not welcome.  This
includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia,
transphobia, ableism and classism. Our event is a space for liberatory
and transformative ideas and action – we refuse to normalise prejudice,
reinforce oppression or recreate hierarchies.

In workshop discussions and other conversations, remember that other
people will have experiences that exist outside of your own. Don’t make
assumptions (based on, for example, race, pronouns, class, sexual
orientation etc.) Listen and be considerate of others by allowing
everyone the chance to speak, if they wish. Be conscious of the language
and terminology that you’re using. Be aware that everyone is learning,
and we are all here to support one another and strive for a better

If you need help or support you can go to the volunteers at the Welcome


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