2017 list:

Action For Trans Health

Active Distribution

Anarchist Action

Angry Workers 

Anti Fascist Network 

Banned In Braille

Between The Borders

Borders and Belgrade

Citizens Of The Wrong Type

Class War

Dog Section Press

Dysphoria Collective 

Earth First!

Empty Cages / Smash IPP

Footprint / Radical Routes

Frack Off

Haven Distribution 


Hunt Sabs 

Hydra Bookshop, Bristol

Liverpool Against Fracking / Frack Off

Liverpool Anarchist Federation

Liverpool Solidarity Federation

Manchester Green & Black Cross

Merseyside Animal Rights

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid

News From Nowhere 

Next To Nowhere

One Way Ticket To Cubesville / Under The Pavement 

Pluto Press

PM Press 

Pumpkin Records

Punks against Domestic Abuse

Rojava support group 

Salvage Collective 

Sisters Uncut

Three Paw zine collective 


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