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In the workshop rooms:

Black & Green Review – Walking Away From Civilisation: an anarcho-primitivist primer. A contributor to the journal Black and Green Review presents some of the fundamental features of the anarcho-primitivist perspective.

In a society consumed by technology, consumption and mental illness, it is easy to forget that we have lived for 99% of our time on Earth in healthy, egalitarian communities. As anarchists, what can we learn from pre-history , and can we rewild ourselves and the world around us?

Blacklisting talk by Liverpool-based activists

Liverpool Solidarity Federation (SolFed)

Manchester Zapatista Collective – The Autonomous Zapatista Communities in Chiapas, Mexico, and the Zapatista Army for National Liberation have built local autonomy and mutual international solidarity since their uprising in 1994. The
workshop gives an overview over the building of autonomous government,
healthcare, education, economy, and a justice system, and international
networks. We also give information about recent developments in Chiapas
and from other collectives and struggles in Europe who are connected
with each other in the Zapatista spirit. Finally we will discuss
together how these link with struggles in the North-West. –

Rojava support group

Seeds For Change

Smash IPP


In the theatre:

Milan Rai (Peace News) + follow-up discussion

Theatre Of The Oppressed – Anarchy in action. Using techniques from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed we will explore physical and embodied models of the rehearsal for the revolution, engaging in dialogue about how we might understand our past, to act now, to create the future we want.

Poetry from Peter The Poet & others

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