2017 Workshops

Room 1:

11.30am – Asylum Link talk       Migrants support

talk from Oyewole Yakeen Ajagbe

12pm – Liverpool Solidarity Federation, an anarcho-syndicalist proposal      Anarcho-syndicalism

We will be hosting the presentation of the book: “Fighting for ourselves. Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle” and a brief presentation of Liverpool-SolFed (local information).

The book we are presenting is part of a process of internal discussion. It is an attempt to link to the previous experience and build up new strategies of resistance here and now. In this process, people from different generations and backgrounds took part. The result is a summarised history of the Workers and the Anarchist movement, accessible and accurate, with the intention to orientate and clarify to fight back in the current circumstances. It is not an academic work but a tool for action and self-education.

The other part of this process is happening in the streets and workplaces.

1pm – Salvage Collective        Transformative Justice

The Salvage Collective is a network of women, transgender and non-binary survivors and activists who experience violence and abuse in UK activist communities. We work to support survivors by raising awareness of gendered violence in radical spaces, facilitating workshops, doing activist research, developing toolkits and sharing information & resources. In this workshop we will introduce our work and facilitate an activity to help you figure out how to best support survivors in your activist group, organisation, campaign and community.

2pm – Empty Cages            Anti-prisons

Resisting the Prison Industrial Complex – The Empty Cages Collective
With 6 new mega and super prisons proposed by the Tories, communities are getting organised against the prison system. This workshop is about resisting the prison industrial complex in the UK & community organising for prison abolition.

3pm – Anarchist news and media – priorities, tactics and newspapers         Communication

Think of this as a focus group to help work out questions such as:

Is there a good system in Britain for the distribution of crucial and focused news and debate? What do people want to know and how do people want to get that information? How do we reach outside of political cliques and make the truth popular?

We will also democratically design and fill (with headlines) a complete newspaper / publication in 20 minutes. Start thinking of a good name for it now.


12pm – Liverpool Hunt Saboteurs              Animal Rights

Introduction to the current situation regarding hunting with dogs in the UK, and how you can get involved locally to take direct action to save lives

1pm – Antifascist Network              Antifascism

Merseyside Anti-Fascist Organisation is a working class group built on left wing politics and militant community action. This includes educating, handing out leaflets putting up posters etc. Organising local community groups to help put a stop to their marches in Liverpool and all over the UK. This also includes physically confronting fascists and making sure we can put a stop to their hateful marches.

This workshop aims to provide an insight into Merseyside AFN. The workshop will also explore militant anti fascism and the differences between none militant and militant action. This will include speakers and short presentation followed by open discussion where questions can asked.

Join us and support your local antifa!

2pm – Zapatistas, 23 years after           International solidarity

On the 1st January 1994, 3,000 indigenous rebels came down from the mountains of the southern province of Chiapas and declared war against the Mexican government.

The insurgents – some of the poorest and most exploited people of the world – had chosen New Year’s Day to start their uprising, as it was the date when the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect – removing legal protection of their lands from sale or privatization. Impoverished farmers feared the loss of their remaining lands, as well as cheap imports from the US.

How are the Zapatistas doing 23 years on? A comrade who has just returned from the area will give us an update about the Zapatista Revolution, its organization and recent events at a public meeting.

3pm – AngryWorkers – film screening ‘Ditching the Fear’ & discussion             Workers struggle

AngryWorkers will introduce this film about the growing movement and struggles of warehouse workers in Italy. Employing mainly migrant workers with few social safety nets and insecure immigration statuses, the logistics sector there has been the scene of massive worker victories on the one hand but increasing state repression on the other.

AngryWorkers will talk about the situation and how it can be relevant to workers and organisers in the UK.


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